Last week two of Ticketmaster’s employees took part in Melbourne’s Mentor Walks, a program which provides an opportunity for emerging female leaders to meet with external established achievers or executives.

The Mentor Walks program was originally founded in Beijing four years ago by Michelle Garnaut (M Restaurant Group) and was brought to Australia by Sydney businesswomen Adina Jacobs (STM Brands) and Bobbi Mahlab (Mahlab- Content Marketing).  The program was designed to support driven professional women who are hitting their stride and are on the brink of making a difference in their career.

The beauty of Mentor Walks is that it brings females together, offers the opportunity to discuss challenges they’re facing, provides networking opportunities, and (weather permitting) an hour in their day to walk.

Participants are randomly grouped with a new mentor and 2-3 mentees for each session to discuss a ‘burning question’ or career challenge during a monthly walk around the tan in Melbourne. Mentee applications are open to women of all ages who have already launched their professional careers, and participants are welcome to attend walks as frequently or as infrequently as they wish.

Ticketmaster employee, Vanessa Pillai, spoke very highly of her experience “Mentor Walks really gave me some valuable insight and perspective to my life and career as a whole – of the things I realised is that embracing the unknown is daunting for everyone, and the only way to get through it is to dive in headfirst. Mistakes happen and lessons are learned, but it’s all part of the process and the bigger picture.”

Mentor Walks Australia currently operates in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. To find out more or get involved as a mentee or mentor, visit

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