There are many reasons why people may find themselves at the final step of a purchase process, only to let the sale lapse. Perhaps the phone rang, or the kids interrupted you or you decided you should double or triple check that your friends are still free to attend the event on that date.

Whatever the reason, Ticketmaster has introduced a new engagement method to ensure you don’t forget about those hot tickets you were so close to snapping up.

Ticketmaster’s new abandoned cart email functionality will see would-be customers – people who have failed to purchase once at the check-out stage – receive an email to remind them of their desired event. The email will include links back to the Artist Page to ensure the recipient has easy access to the event and can reinitiate the purchase process if they choose to.

The abandoned cart email will be automatically sent via Ticketmaster’s CRM communication platform, Messenger, and there will be filters in place to ensure customers do not receive a large number of reminder emails, should they abandon multiple transactions in a small space of time. Additionally, customers will only receive the abandoned cart emails if they are already opted-in to receive marketing emails from Ticketmaster.

The purpose of Ticketmaster’s abandoned cart emails is to ensure our customers and email subscribers are getting engaging and relevant materials that will actually help to put our clients’ events in front of the right people.

Not every event sold via Ticketmaster’s website will have abandoned cart email functionality; the initiative can be supressed if it is not an event that requires the tool.

The abandoned cart email tool is another initiative Ticketmaster has introduced to engage customers and assist our clients in their goal to provide relevant marketing materials to the most likely buyers. Ticketmaster strongly believes in sending highly targeted email communications to ensure customers are not bombarded with multiple marketing emails that are not of interest.

The abandoned cart email reinforces Ticketmaster’s commitment to providing customers and clients with world-class customer service and the best in technology and engagement.

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