Ticketmaster prides itself on its ability to strategically market the events of our clients to the most likely ticket buyers through our various offerings including our extensive email marketing options, social media, advanced website and market-leading digital media products.

With one of the largest databases in Australia and New Zealand, Ticketmaster has the capability to place the events of our clients at the fingertips of engaged and active ticket buyers, which greatly assists us to maximise ticket sales.

But we have recently rolled out a series of sponsored marketing initiatives that clients can take advantage of if they want to give their event or product a boost.

Ticketmaster has a dedicated Commercial Development department led by Ben Fuller, whose role it is to identify additional marketing avenues that Ticketmaster clients can take advantage of.

While Ticketmaster always aims to serve its clients in a fair and equitable manner, particularly with regards to marketing exposure and promotion, we can now offer partners the option to invest a portion of their existing above-the-line marketing budget into Ticketmaster’s digital media network.

This digital media network can facilitate boosted media campaigns via access to promotional placements that are predominantly allocated to 3rd party paid advertising campaigns.

All client sponsored marketing activity on Ticketmaster is over and above the normal level of support provided as an existing Ticketmaster event client. Sponsored advertising campaigns have been proven to not only increase the awareness of live events through a variety of different digital channels, but also provide excellent returns on investment by increasing ticket sales in a transparent manner.

Ticketmaster can offer rich media display advertising across desktop and mobile sites, as well as social, video and dedicated eDM promotions to help push ticket sales.

All paid campaigns use industry standard data analytics, audience profiling and geo-targeting to achieve maximum results. All ad activity, click through rates and sales conversions are specifically tracked and reported on post campaign.

Key Points to Note:

  • Sponsored event marketing activity provides access to media placements across the Ticketmaster digital network that are reserved for 3rd party paid advertisements.
  • Potential to reach interstate markets using both fully branded eDM and display advertising opportunities.
  • All campaigns are fully scoped in advance, individually discussed with each client and tailored to suit each individual need.
  • A clear strategy is developed under consultation between the client and a specialist Ticketmaster digital media expert.
  • Post campaign performance reports and recommendations provided upon request.
  • Charges are applicable. Access to most products incurs a direct cost to Ticketmaster, however all media rates provided to ticketing clients is subsidised compared to other 3rd party digital media networks.

Key Products Available:

  • Fully branded solus eDMs using sophisticated demographic targeting and profiling capabilities.
  • Premium and rich media display advertising, website take overs, half page units, mobile banners and more.
  • Boosted Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) through leading search engine networks, such as Google.
  • Valuable re-targeting capabilities through Ticketmaster’s Fan Network enables access to mass 3rd party media channels.
  • Market research and survey tools to provide valuable insights into your audience and market.

If you think Ticketmaster’s sponsored marketing initiatives could be beneficial for your events or venue, we encourage you to contact Ben Fuller and the team via digitalsales@ticketmaster.com.au.

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