Maria O’Connor, Managing Director Ticketmaster Australasia, is featured in this month’s CV Magazine after being named Female CEO of the Year 2017.

In a two-page interview, Maria discusses the company, what motivates her and shares some of her secrets to success.

“As a business, we’re constantly investing in technology and market-leading innovations that enhance the capabilities of both our clients and customers,” explains Maria. “With that, we commit ourselves to delivering world class service to thousands of clients every day. Ticketmaster sells thousands of tickets for sports, music, performing arts, theatre, comedy and attractions, while offering our clients the very best in retail ticketing services and box office systems solutions.”

“Our business requires a 24-hour day,” Maria says. “Our customers are motivated by passion, so we have to match that same level of passion to service them. I’m very proud to work with a team that display that same, integral passion day in and day out; they are passionate about Ticketmaster and the events that they’re selling. We’ve made massive technological advancements, which I think will only become more and more crucial to our business. Customers have endless technology at their fingertips and it’s changed the way retailers operate. Ticketless operations will become more and more important as the whole ticket-buying process becomes more seamless and digital. We talk to thousands of customers online each day via social media, which I believe only strengthens the importance of retailer transparency.”

When quizzed on her experiences as a female in an executive role, Maria said, “I can honestly say that I have been fortunate enough not to have faced any challenges that come from being a woman working in the corporate environment. I am proud to be part of an industry that is extremely accepting and respectful of diversity. After all, these are the things that make people different and that’s something this industry acknowledges in a positive way. Throughout my career I have been helped and mentored by great women and men, which continues to be the case even to this day. I’m also fortunate to work in an industry which includes lots of women in various sectors.”

On her tips for success, she advised, “I believe tenacity and honesty are vital, along with the strength to be innovative, make decisions and see things through.”

Maria went on to praise her Ticketmaster colleagues, “Every company is made up of people and behind Ticketmaster are its brilliant people.

“Whether you buy a ticket, are one of our clients or work with us in another way, you will see that our best asset is our people.

“Ultimately, however good your technology is, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got good people. At Ticketmaster, our people set us apart.”

Read CV Magazine’s full interview with Maria O’Connor, Managing Director Ticketmaster Australasia, here.

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