Venues & Promoters

Ticketmaster is dedicated to providing the tools and services venues and promoters need to keep the action alive.

  • Dynamic pricing solutions, ensure your pricing is meeting demand with on the fly updates

  • Advanced ticket management tool

  • Access to Ticketmaster’s network of integrated affiliates & partners

  • Access to Ticketmaster's database through premium email marketing tools

  • Increased revenue through ancillary product such as Platinum and collector

  • Access to a variety of ticketing sales platforms from a stadium to club solutions

  • Remarketing advertising options 

  • Feature on Ticketmaster’s website benefiting from huge volumes of traffic

  • Detailed post event reports 

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At Ticketmaster, we believe that the artist is the heart and soul of the live entertainment experience. Without the art or artist there is no live event, which is why we are dedicated to supporting them.

We offer a range of products and services focused on improving the experience for both artists and fans.

  • Access to Ticketmaster vast database through premium email marketing tools

  • Access to the Artist services department, Anti-resale tools

  • Data capture and audience profiling solutions

  • Initiatives to drive album upsells

  • Social remarketing options

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If you’re an independent promoter, venue or artist who wants to sell tickets directly to fans – we have all the kit you’ll ever need.

Established in 1996 and launched in Australia and New Zealand in 2017, TicketWeb is a completely DIY ticketing platform designed in collaboration with the industry to empower independent promoters and venues.

  • Self-service ticketing platforms

  • Easy to use entry scanning and access control

  • Access to Ticketmaster marketing network

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From the presale to the opening of the gates, from paid media boosts to box office operations, we've got you covered.

We understand the complexity of putting a festival together and making it a success, and we're there to support you along the way.

  • Leverage a network of festivals

  • Abounded basket retargeting

  • Real-time ticket sale reporting and attendance

  • Facebook, Spotify and Bands-in-town integration

  • Campaign and parking upsell integration

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Arts & Theatre

With such a wide and diverse offering, the arts and theatre industry demands made-to-measure tools. There is no one size fits all and the same goes for ticketing.

Ticketmaster gives you the means to analyse and advertise to your customers, taking into account their unique tastes and preferences.

From CRM to audience analysis and social media advertising, we are focused on your needs in a modern age of entertainment.

  • Advanced online purchase journey

  • Detailed view from section for digital purchases

  • Interactive seating maps

  • Programmatic retargeting programs

  • Access to Ticketmaster strategic partners

  • Group sales

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We're renowned for our global reach and expertise, but our local knowledge can't be beat. We understand your home turf because we walk on it everyday. We get sport.

  • Full end-to-end tournaments solution

  • Incorporated Membership management program, prospecting to renewals

  • Virtual Venues for membership upgrades

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Family & Attractions

From ice skating and magic shows, to the world's most extraordinary events, we will find the solution for you and reach out to your audience.

  • Leverage Seasonal marketing campaigns

  • Access to unique content marketing

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Self-service ticketing

If you're looking for a DIY platform that’s easy to use and will have events set up in minutes, look no further than Universe.

Universe has helped over 35,000 event organisers around the world sell more tickets by helping them engage directly with their audience and through the use of their simple event management tools.

  • Universe

  • Paid media

  • Presales

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