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Working for artists at every stage

Artist Services

Our Artist Services team are dedicated to achieving the goals of artists at every stage of their career. Through close collaboration, we’ll help you devise your ticketing campaign – whether you’re looking to fill a club or a stadium.

Our clients enjoy the unparalleled reach and insight that Ticketmaster's data offers. By partnering with us, we'll also bring you closer to your fans through initiatives like music and merchandise upsells, data capture and marketing services.

Providing far more than just a ticketing service, our team is a resource dedicated to achieving the goals of artists through close collaboration with agents, managers, record labels, promoters and venues.

  • Presale ticketing
  • Data capture: Pre-registration, balloting
  • Selling music: Album presales, upsells, retailer partnerships
  • Marketing solutions: Data profiling, eDMs, website takeovers, spotlights, social share, presale apps, exclusive editorial, affiliate partnerships
  • Responses to resale: Platinum Tickets, resale partnerships, paperless ticketing, Verified Fan campaigns 
  • Fan extras: Fan club presales, VIP and merchandise packages, merchandise and travel upsells

Reaching real fans

The fan experience is key to everything we do

The fan experience is key to everything we do, from the ticket sale to the night of the show. We’ll work with you to make sure they’re taken care of.

The insight we have into our customer database helps us to identify and reach the right audiences for each artist – helping you sell out the tour, not just the presale.

We work with the most cutting edge promoters, in venues that are the breeding ground for emerging artists. New music, and helping other fans to discover it, is in our blood.

Beat the bots with dynamic pricing


Powered by industry-leading pricing data, our Platinum and VIP ticket programmes thrill fans while driving revenue even higher.

Our experienced team of experts use unique data to dynamically price tickets to match demand. 

Let data and demand guide your pricing model and stay flexible with Platinum Tickets.

Plantinum Tickets let's you get the best seats to fans at the right price.

Collector Tickets

More than just tickets

Whether it's the flash of lights, the booming bass or the roar of the crowd, a Collector Ticket will take your fan right back to the heart of the action.

It's a treasured keepsake for the real fan. The stylish card not only gets the fan into the event, but it's also the perfect souvenir. And it's delivered with a lanyard too. 

Make your tickets part of the experience and give fans a lasting memory.

A Collector Ticket is the ultimate souvenir for fans, providing access as well as lasting memories and custom artwork from their favourite events.

Reward loyalty with presales

Incentivise customers and increase data capture with presales

Reap the benefits of opening a presale for your event. Give the fan club or selected group of customers the chance to purchase tickets before the general on sale.

  • Sell tickets quicker and maximise demand
  • Reward existing fans by giving them early access to tickets
  • Incentivise new fans to sign up 
  • Increase your database and build a profile of artists' audiences with data capture
  • Gauge demand 
  • Bundle merchandise and music to reward loyal fans and increase revenue