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Front Gate Tickets

Your end-to-end ticketing solution

Front Gate Tickets is a ticketing platform built specifically to support the needs of festivals. A white label solution offering unparalleled service to clients, its functions include quick checkout options, the ability to upsell VIP experiences, group bookings, tiered pricing, payment plans and more.

Front Gate streamlines the fan experience. Optimised for both desktop and mobile, its onsite capabilities include RFID integration for cashless payment solutions, quick and easy access control, and the ability to lead sponsorship activations to encourage fan engagement and data collection.

The festival platform

E-commerce designed specifically to support the needs of festivals

  • A white label solution – your brand comes first
  • Fully optimised for mobile
  • Cashless payments
  • Payment plans
  • Guest checkout
  • Facebook login
  • Call centre and fulfilment services
  • RFID access control with huge branding and sponsorship opportunities
  • Registration and data collection
  • RFID enabled activations – create a whole new revenue stream for your festival
  • Arm yourself with data – Get real-time sales reporting and heat maps, as well as identify all attendees of your event not just purchasers
  • The experts on your team – Ticketmaster have the UK’s most experienced ticketing and onsite teams which become part of your team with full account management

Get your fans talking

We engage with customers and build communities across Ticketmaster's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as well as on YouTube and Snapchat. We have a dedicated team of editorial experts who create valuable and unique content for your event. 

Your event page on Ticketmaster also enables customers to RSVP and share if they are or may be attending the event. Our integrated Facebook Official Events also shares your event instantly on Facebook, increasing engagement and opportunity for social amplification. 

Understand your customer base

Your audience drives many of the decisions you make, so get to know them with tmAnalytics. Each fan is unique, which is why we have built tmAnalytics around them. It lets you dig deep and understand your customers with new insights. Learn who your customers are, where they come from, what they buy and how they buy, all within a single customer view with tmAnalytics.

tmAnalytics offers powerful customer insight by delivering customer demographic and lifestyle profiles. 

  • Know your database – understand your entire customer base by artist, venue and event
  • Campaign management – monitor effectiveness of marketing campaigns during an on sale
  • Opportunities – identify and attract relevant sponsorship opportunities

Access Manager

Secure and trusted access management

Access Manager is the industry-trusted solution for venues to deter counterfeiting. Featuring immediate ticket authentication and a complete suite of attendance tracking reports, Access Manager delivers access control solutions for your festival site.

It is Ticketmaster's real-time access control system. Handheld scanners are linked via wireless to our access control software which is in constant communication with the ticket system. This real-time link ensures that any changes to inventory – such as new sales, cancellations or reprints – are picked up by the scanners instantly.

The reporting includes customer flow rates, entries by gate/door, total scans and the scanned history of a ticket.

Enhance and increase your F&B sales

Cut the queues with Ticketmaster Experience

In line with our focus to bring incremental value to clients, Ticketmaster provides venues and promoters with tools that can enhance the customer experience – from the ticket purchase through to the event.

Ticketmaster Experience is one of those tools. It enables venues to quickly capitalise on the huge push to mobile while shortening queues, increasing food and beverage revenues, gathering customer insight and maintaining better stock control.